Tracia Barbieri, Conductor

In Davis, California, The Vocal Art Ensemble brings together experienced musicians pursuing artistic expression through finesse of the human voice.

Formed in February 2008, VAE aims to present exquisite evenings of music, appealing to both the discerning musician and the casual music lover. Themed programs frequent connect with other artistic enterprises and celebrate the elegant beauty of Renaissance motets, tonal color of modern works, and exotic flavor of music from other cultures.

VAE has been recognized nationally for its work, winning the 2012 American Prize for Creative Programming and Collaboration for featuring a capella choral pieces aside intimate instrumentals and mesmerizing dance.

Concerts typically take place in December and May throughout Yolo County, California and include performances in Davis, Woodland, Sacramento, Dixon, and Vacaville.

The ensemble toured Ireland in 2010, and will partake in a performance tour of England and Scotland in May, 2014. It is also frequently called upon to perform at public events and private parties.

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“An excellently chosen programme and delivered with great musicianship and style. Your group makes a really beautiful sound. I really enjoyed the whole performance!”

-Dr. David Mooney


Dublin, Ireland

“A richly varied evening of sentiment and humor that was a visual and auditory feast.”

- Dick Frantzreb

Sacramento Choral Calendar

May, 2012



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Special thanks to VAE photographers: Gregg DeCillis, Jorge Esposa, Jay Erker , Barbara McNurlin, James Williams, and Danielle  Moore